The Game

Four books have been produced, they represented the four elements, holding unimaginable, pure elemental power. Long ago they were spread throughout the land, waiting to be found, creating some of the harshest climates around them because of their immense power. Today they are only thought of as a legend.

For this game we will be composing all new custom music and intense scenery. It will be free roam and quest based. The quests will be hints to get you closer to your goal, and ways to gain new skills. When the game is released it will be free to play and we are fully avoiding pay-to-win, noone likes that. When we get more of the game done we will post a trailer on the Forum and News pages.

To apply to beta test Embertome please go to the Forum's applications page and apply for "beta"

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Email: Cinder@mail.embertome.com

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